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Are you 55 or older and want to pay less on your car insurance?

Then there’s good news: Most insurance carriers offer an insurance rate discount for senior drivers who complete a Mature Driver Program.

What Is A Mature Driver Program?

Most insurance carriers offer a Defensive Driving Discount for drivers 55 or older who complete an approved Mature Driver Program. (This program is also known as Accident Prevention or Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Program.)

Your discount can range from 5 – 15% depending on your state and can be confirmed by checking with your insurance agent. That means over the next few years you can put hundreds back in your pocket while enjoying lowered rates.

And here’s even better news: We’ve made passing our Mature Driver Course quick, easy and convenient so you can claim your discount as soon as possible.

Here’s why getting started today is the smartest choice if you’d like to start enjoying lower rates:

* Check with your insurance agent to confirm eligibility and the exact amount of your available discount.

  • 5-15% discount on your car insurance
  • Eligible for drivers 55 years or older
  • Accepted by all insurance carriers

No Credit Card Required Until You Pass The Course

Don’t like hidden fees or surprise charges? Neither do we. That’s why signing up and taking our course is completely free. Unlike other traffic schools, you won’t pay a penny until after you’ve passed your course.

That means you can explore our course content, prepare for your test and even retake it if needed without any risk whatsoever.

No Credit Card Required

Fast, Easy & Stress-Free

Not a fan of tough tests? Then you’re in luck – because our exam is as easy as it gets.

We’ve made it a breeze to coast through our course with simple, straightforward and easy-to-follow material that fully prepares you for your test. In fact, many of our students are able to complete their tests within a single session and enjoy reduced rates right away.

Best of all, there’s zero penalties for failing – meaning you’re free to try again as many times as you need without any pressure at all.


100% Online And Self-Paced

No one likes cold, stuffy classrooms and long-winded instructors. That’s why you can take our test at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Feel free to start on your laptop in the morning and finish on your phone at night – your progress will be saved across multiple devices so you can pick up where you left off with ease.

Plsu, we’ve included a Free Audio Read Along for maximum convenience – meaning you can fly through our course while you drive, cook or do errands.


Approved By Your State DMV And ALL Insurance Carriers

Our course is 100% approved by state DMVs and across all insurance carriers. We’ll automatically submit your results as soon as you finish so you can skip any long or complicated processes and get your discount faster. You’ll get a same-day instant electronic certificate as proof that you passed, so you can skip any long or complicated processes and get your discount faster.


What You’ll Learn Inside Our Mature Driver Course

  1. Your health and driving performance
  2. The effects of medications and alcohol on driving
  3. Keeping up with vehicle technology
  4. Defensive driving tactics and sharing the road
  5. Proper use of safety belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes

Ready To Get Started At No Risk?

You’re a single session away from enjoying up to 15% off your car insurance for years to come. Click below to sign up for free in seconds (no credit card or payment required).

Mature Driver Course

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Mature Driver Course

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